Unfortunately, no. This is because after the LLC is filed with the secretary of state, the EIN is then matched with the new business from the IRS and this number is forever linked to this business and cannot change. Your only option is to dissolve the new entity and create a new one which will add additional fees to your current bill.

Hey, that’s completely fine. We will present 3 styles based off your submission. We believe you will love at least one of them but if you want to tweak one then we can accommodate that revision.

Great question! This is because most lenders base their ability to lend to a startup company off the owners personal credit. No worries if your credit needs help because we have credit repair specialists that will get you up to par. We also need your SSN to open your new business banking account without partner Optus Bank.

Good question! There will be a down payment required (unless you want to pay in full) and the remaining balance will be guaranteed financed via our partner no credit check needed. Payments toward the remaining balance will begin 30 days after you pickup your new business and will be broken down into a payment period of 18-24 months.

Unfortunately no, but why would you want to do that? Allowing us to get you approved for business funding will help you AND your new business build credit worthiness. Next you will be expanding your business and we will be calling you for referrals!

 We are so happy that you are involved in the process. We will come up with 3 pre-determined dates for milestones. The first date after 30 days, the second at 60 days and the final is product pickup day! That should be a personal holiday, really!

Well, after we finish crying, we will cease operations at that point. You will still be responsible for the remainder of the contractual payments. Some of the work that we complete on your behalf cannot be reversed and therefore we must treat this as a finished or abandoned product.

We sure can! Just set up an appointment using the link on this page and let’s discuss where you are in the process and let us take over from there.

Disclaimer: 90 day timeline is dependent on your personal creditworthiness. For startup businesses, personal credit is taken into consideration with lenders. If your personal credit is not in the 620+ range, we will facilitate credit repair services for a period of 3 months during the timeline your business is being created. In this instance, your business will be delivered to you 120 days from the date of contract initiation and payment. During this period you will be required to follow the strict guidelines of our credit repair specialist. If after 3 months of credit repair services your business is still not eligible for business funding, we will give you a grant of $1,000 to go toward your business operations. If you fail to follow these guidelines, you will not qualify for the $1,000 grant but you will receive your turnkey business as planned and promised.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not satisfied with our services, we will give you a full refund because we stand behind our work!